10 Tips To Help Small Businesses Create Successful Email Marketing

10 Tips To Help Small Businesses Create Successful Email Marketing

Whether you are new at email marketing or you are a veteran who works for a company that send 500,000 emails per week, there are certain rules√ā¬†you need to follow to optimize your campaign. Here are some ideas on how to improve the efficiency of your emails.

Subscribing to a√ā¬†newsletter

Start by getting permission√ā¬†to send emails to recipients through a form for subscribing√ā¬†to a newsletter or getting explicit offline permission. The development of a positive relationship with the recipients is the most important step to take. Don’t break down the company reputation by using a too aggressive emailing tactic. Instead of that, be dedicated to creating a quality list and long-term results will mean more.


Give your recipients an easy and simple way to unsubscribe√ā¬†from your mailing list. You don’t need the negative publicity you get from having the tag spammer. Allow them to unsubscribe easily, and you’ll get them to stay.

The heading of the message

Make sure that the heading of the message is clear about the content of the email. When recipients think they are being fooled to open an email, they don’t want to open it and will probably unsubscribe√ā¬†from receiving any further emails.

Valid email address

Give a valid address in each email so the recipients could easily contact you or your company. It is the law, and it gives another way for communicating, which is another chance to prove your values.

Relevant content

Send your recipients only the relevant content they asked for. If you start sending offers that are not relevant to them, they will likely unsubscribe. Be creative and you will surely see an increase in the percentage of read emails.


Create a constant connection with the members of your list. Building a mutually useful email connection, like creating any connection, needs time and care. Send emails regularly. People react differently. Some like to get daily emails, some like to get weekly emails, some monthly.

Address books

Ask your recipients to add you to their address book; so, they can recognize your emails. In many cases once you get in there, your emails will directly be sent to the inbox, rather than the spam folder. And you don’t want to end up in the spam folder that’s for sure.


Segment your list, test different offers, different presentation, use different themes, send emails on different days and at different times.√ā¬†When you get the best response that’s what you should use.

Images in emails

Combine images and text in your emails. If you must use images as a dominant way of communicating, put a link at√ā¬†the top of your email that will allow people to read the message without distractions.

Spam filter

Put your email through a spam filter before you start your campaign. If the words are kept in the filter, replace them with alternatives. This simple testing period will greatly reduce the risk of having your emails marked as spam.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The emails need to have a Call-To-Action (multiple Call-To-Action is even better)
  • Emails should be written by one particular person at your company for relationship building
  • Survey your customers
  • Keep your layout professional and simple
  • Keep your list clean
  • Analyze the collected data
  • Landing pages (carefully select pages where you want to “bring” your subscribers or potential customers to)
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