21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar – Part 2

21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar – Part 2
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series 21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar

Last week we began our series on 21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar. This week we will look at a few more ideas on how you can be a social media superstar.

  1. Illustrate your Posts and Links with Graphics
    Especially use this tip with blog post links. People have become immune to links and many have conditioned themselves to gloss over them and keep the eye moving. A picture helps stop people in their tracks if it “tells” them instantly what they’ll get when they glance at the photo.
    cheat sheet pick
  1. Be Generous – Credit and Share
    If someone else has written the post you wanted to write – share it and give credit to the author! If they’ve provided a fabulous list of resources or a juicy tip – share it and give credit to the author! Never be afraid to share your secrets with your audience. You’re proving you have their best interests at heart and that you are all in the journey together.(And the person whose post or tip you are sharing may return the favor or JV (joint venture) with you one day in the not too distant future.)

    Oh and share your followers’ posts and tips too (people love to be noticed and acknowledged; particularly by experts).

  1. Vary your Post Types
    Your page will feel more interactive and interesting if you vary your post types. Rotate between photos, contests, quizzes, polls, questions, blog links, tips, personal posts, videos and infographics.
  1. Install Google Analytics on your Facebook Page
    “That’s impossible,” you say. “Facebook doesn’t allow JavaScript; and you need JavaScript enabled to install Google Analytics.” Ah, but Webdigi has created a free, open-source tool to get around this. You can either install it on your own server or use the free, hosted version.Complete instructions on how to install FBGAT (and Google Analytics on Facebook) in this Webdigi blog post.
  1. Use Promoted Tweets on Twitter
    Do this especially if you are offering something to be downloaded. Studies show that when a download is involved, the response rate is over 10% higher than other types of posts with links.
    fodor travel pic
  1. Don’t Serial Post
    Engagement is one thing, but the quickest way to turn people off – on ANY network – lies in serial posting, where you fire out one post after the other to dominate your target viewer’s feed.

    7-Serial Posting

  1. Don’t Over-Promote
    If you use the majority of your social media posts to drive people to actions you want them to take, you will come off as just another marketing shark. A recommended rule-of-thumb is to make 80% of your posts helpful, general, entertaining or just plain interesting, and less than 20% promotional.

Are you using any of these suggestions in your social media strategy? We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Join the conversation below by commenting in our comments section.

Come back next week as we continue our 21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar series.

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