21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar – Part 3

21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar – Part 3
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar

We are finishing up our series on “21 Ways to Be a Social Media Superstar” covering the last seven methods.

  1. Develop Relationships with “Key Influencers”

    Don’t just focus on your fans – actively follow and respond to your own favorite “key influencers” in the social media niche. We’ve already spoken about crediting them and sharing their work. Responding to polls, quizzes and sharing your own tips will help get you noticed too.Do make sure you visit their feeds and interact regularly; however, never just for the sake of interacting, but the more often your Profile Photo appears next to a really helpful post or detail-specific comment, the better your chances are of being noticed and remembered.

  1. Create Useful Infographicstwitter 2012 infographic

    The beauty of infographics lies in the fact they are (a) seen instantly (b) judged on the spot. This not only prequalifies your reader in whether or not they click through, it helps make your statistics more accurate. On top of that, when people love an infographic, they click on it. Sounds obvious – but it’s the quickest way to get people to access your key information on social media. A blog post link with a photo? Possibly. A blog post link without a photo? Maybe, if your headline is catchy enough. But an infographic can be accessed – and assessed – at a glance. If it’s liked, it will be shared with one simple click.

  1. Use Fiverr if You’re Just Getting Started

    If you’re starting out on a shoestring budget, save time and get professional products like infographics or Facebook Cover Photos created for $5.00 by trying out Fiverr freelance offers.Look for excellent ratings and reviews – and just try out one project at a time until you’re sure the outsource contractor you’re using really knows what to do. (But once you’ve got that professional product in your hands, expect to pay more, if your contractor is worth his or her salt. This type of contractor will only be offering deals on Fiverr as limited samples).

  1. Run Contests

    If you stop and study how often top social media experts run contests, you’ll also see how much viral buzz and interaction these generate! Just be sure to check with your local area rules and guidelines, as well as with rules and guidelines for the specific social platform you want to use.Remember that you can easily create contest Apps using free or inexpensive services and tools such as ShortStack.

  1. Offer a Service Sample for Free

    You can also use an App to offer service samples for free; or in conjunction with some other offer; or as a contest, as Mari Smith has done in the example below. mari smith pic

  1. Track your Conversions

    Facebook in particular (and many other social networks) provide tools that allow you to track your conversions.This simply means finding out how many people take the actions you ask or drive them to take on that network. Track, and you will quickly find out the “hot buttons” your particular audience best responds to. It’s amazing how many would-be social media experts don’t bother to track, so get the edge on them and start doing so!

  1. Be There

    Another seemingly obvious tip that a staggering majority of would-be social media experts ignore is simply be active on your networks daily – preferably when your target audience is present. Respond, comment, “Like”, thank and question. You’ll build trust – and a community. And that’s really what becoming a social media expert is all about!

Do you use any methods to becoming a social media superstar that we haven’t covered in our 3-part series? We would love to hear your ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Join the conversation below by commenting in our comments section. As always, thanks for reading, and please share this post by clicking on the share buttons below!





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