A Feature for Online Businesses

A Feature for Online Businesses
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If you would like to add your signature to your online communications; for example, email signature blocks, email marketing campaigns and/or blog posts, check out http://mylivesignature.com. You can create an electronic version of your signature in five simple steps, and it’s free. It is much simpler than scanning your signature. With the increased level of identity theft, this is also a way you can protect yourself. An electronic signature is not the same as your actual signature. Therefore, your signature cannot be copied for the purpose of stealing your identity.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, you can create an electronic signature for your clients to be used in their correspondence. It is especially useful for business letters, which will be used for merge projects. Your clients will not have to sign each and every letter.

Whatever digital content you may have, you can personalize it by adding an electronic signature.
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