An Internet Marketing Component – Website Development

An Internet Marketing Component – Website Development

Last week we discussed the different components of Internet marketing, while at the same time explaining why Internet marketing and social media marketing are not interchangeable terms.

internet marketingWebsite Development

We are continuing our topic on the various elements of Internet marketing or online marketing, and this week we are discussing website development. Your website is your online business card. It establishes your identity, and gives your company credibility. Besides, your competition has a website.

Online Shoppers

Would you do business or consider doing business with a company who doesn’t have a website? If you are an offline or online business, having a website is a necessary element of your marketing plan. The U.S. Commerce Department says online shoppers spent $165.4 billion in 2010. Without a website, you cannot capture any of this market.

internet marketingBenefits of Having a Website

A website is used for informing your potential clients that you exist, as well as tell them about your company’s product and services, including the benefits of using them.

Using Website to Generate a List

You can also use your website to generate a list of leads to keep in touch with using e-mail marketing. Your goal is to convert these contacts into clients. We covered e-mail marketing a few weeks ago, Email Marketing – Part I and Email Marketing – Part II.

Which Internet marketing component have you had success with? We would love to hear from you. Come back next week to see which Internet marketing element we will cover. We will also share more Internet marketing tips. See you next week.




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