An Internet Marketing Element – Article Writing – Part II

An Internet Marketing Element – Article Writing – Part II

Last week we begin discussing one of the more popular Internet marketing elements, writing and distribution of articles. This week we will wrap up this topic.

internet marketingArticle Resource Box

The resource box that you should be using at the bottom of your article should not only act as a call-to-action so that your readers know where to contact you, get your latest ebook or sign up on your blog, but it can also be used as a great Internet marketing element in itself.


You should be creating backlinks from within the resource box back to your website as it’s one of the best methods for obtaining one-way backlinks.

But wait … Let’s take it a step further and really benefit SEO-wise!

Instead of linking to your website’s home page, provide the link to your site’s sitemap. This will point the crawlers in theinternet marketing right direction and have them search deeper into your site and index more of your pages. The spiders will head right to the heart of your content, providing you with an optimized Internet marketing element!

Although we covered article marketing a couple of weeks ago as a strategy to drive traffic to your website, this article takes it a step further by discussing the perks and benefits SEO-wise you obtain from writing articles.

How has article writing helped your SEO efforts? We would love to hear from you. Come back next week for more Internet marketing tips.

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