Another Method To Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

Another Method To Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business
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Rita J. Cartwright Southern, Founder

We, as virtual assistants (VAs), generally attempt to grow our businesses by obtaining more clients.  Another strategy is to grow your business by subcontracting or outsourcing projects to a team of VAs.  These VAs’ services will complement your services rather than compete with them.

In an attempt to grow my virtual assistant business and deepen my service list, I organized a team of three VAs.  My core services are word processing services and Internet marketing, and my team services include bookkeeping, transcription, and ghost writing.  Their services complement my services.  Now I can offer these services in addition to my current offerings.  They are also my backup.

There are two different models of multi-virtual assistant (multi-VA) businesses, which outsource overflow of projects.  One model is team and the other is subcontracting.  The main difference is a team approach.

Multi-VA team businesses list the team members on their team web pages, but everything is under the umbrella of the multi-VA business owner.  Team members also have direct contact with the clients. Whereas, with multi-VA subcontracting businesses, the subcontractors don’t have contact with the clients; although, they may be listed on your website. You, as the multi-VA business owner manage the clients and projects.

In both cases, subcontractors and team members/associates are VAs themselves and are at the beginning stages of their businesses or have room for more projects.

Due to the current economic situation, there will be more entrepreneurs and small business owners, and they will need virtual assistance. We probably will see more multi-VA businesses, both team and subcontracting models.

If you are Virtual Assistant and you want to grow your business, consider organizing a team of virtual assistants whose service offerings complement your services.

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