Article Marketing

Article Marketing

Article marketing is another tool or marketing strategy you can use to drive traffic to your website, as well as demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Target Audience

When composing your articles, share with your target audience information that will help them move their business forward and increase their knowledge and skill set. This is why it’s important to know whom you are speaking to, what keeps them up at night, what kind of information can you provide them, which will alleviate their business concerns.

SEOKeywords and Search Terms

Include search terms, also known as keywords, your potential clients use to find you. Be sure to include these keywords when submitting your articles to article banks. This is a SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, which could help your ranking on the more popular search engines.

Articles Banks

So, you ask, “What are article banks?” Marnie Pehrson of gives an excellent description, “An article bank is a web site where people can post articles for webmasters, ezine publishers, newsletter editors and offline publications to find and reprint.” She also lists the top 10 article banks where you can submit your articles. Go here to learn which banks they are:

internet marketingArticle Content

You may be wondering what topic you could write about. If you have written a series of blog posts on a particular subject, arrange them into an article. This is known as repurposing your content.

Keep in mind if you have included links in your posts, some article banks limit the amount of links that can be included in the body of the article. Be sure to review the editorial guidelines if this is the case.

Article marketing is an excellent free publicity tool. However, it is time-consuming and can be one of those mundane tasks that can be outsourced to your Virtual Assistant.

Which Internet marketing strategies do you use?  We would love to hear from you.  Come back next week for more Internet marketing tips.

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