The Internet makes it possible for small companies to effectively and affordably compete with larger organizations. The key to a successful campaign is patience, strategy and know-how.

It’s important for small business owners to understand that online success is a process. It takes time and consistency to build brand recognition and gain the trust of your audience. As a Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur (KDE), I will partner with God to help you expand your online presence.

It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and time consuming as a business owner trying to figure out where to begin and what to do. We (my partner and me) will develop a proactive strategy that will put you in front of your target audience and leverage you as an expert in your industry.

To streamline the process, RJ’s Internet Marketing Solutions, LLC has created packages that come with a clearly defined set of tasks, each with the goal of contributing to the growth of your online business.

Special Introductory Offer of 20% Discount for First-Time Clients!*


Social Media Marketing
  • Create Social Media Posts (targeting your target audience) (up to 20 per month)
  • Publish Social Media Posts (up to 4 social media network platforms)
  • Respond to Social Media Comments (building online relationship)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEO Marketing or Facebook Ads
  • Monthly Google Analytics Report

Discounted Fee: $537

*Packages contain one month of services. A six-month contract is required in order to qualify for the Special Introductory Offer. This offer applies to one month of digital marketing services.

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