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Affordable Marketing Strategies

Effective and Affordable Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits For non-profit organizations operating with limited budgets, identifying cost-effective marketing strategies is essential for maximizing impact and outreach. Here’s a breakdown of …

Advertising Using Power Words

The basis of a successful advertisement is to understand the consumer’s needs and then design the advertisement accordingly.

Advertising on the Internet

With the increase in technology, special effects are being used to make advertisement more interesting. Vivid colors, good page layout and lots of imagination.

Advertising for Free

This popularity can lead to you being invited on radio and television talk shows and even to interviews.

Pull Marketing vs Push Marketing

Pull marketing takes advantage of social media marketing and search engine marketing. It motivates customers to actively seek out a brand.

Every Small Advertising Agency Needs One

Chances are if you are a small advertising agency (1-4 employees) you do not have enough time to create your ads. Generally, small business owners are faced with daily …

Marketing Tool for Virtual Assistants

I recently discovered a valuable marketing tool for virtual assistants (VAs), which is participating in the forums of your target market. When you post your comments, your signature block …
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