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How to Find Your Niche – Part 5

Once you’ve decided to create a niche blog, which is extremely important if you want to build authority with Google, choosing a name will be another step you can …

How to Find Your Niche – Part 2

No matter what your process, you still have to research your niche. So start right now and ask yourself the above-mentioned questions.

How to Find Your Niche – Part 1

A niche is a specialized but profitable corner of the market. A niche market is a subset of the market on which a specific product or service is focusing.

Identifying Your True Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is necessary to complete so many other steps in your business like creating content for your website and marketing pieces, designing your website, creating promotional …

How to Grow Your Business Using Content

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing. When done the right way, content marketing will help you attract and retain current customers. Content marketing is the art of …

The 8th Step in Starting a Start-Up

Up to this point we have discussed business ideas, as well as planning your business, all topics surrounding your new start-up. This week we will focus on you. Go …
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