Category: Search Engines

Should Your Business Be On YouTube?

The way people gather and consume their information is now changing. People are more likely now to watch a video rather than read a blog post.

How Does Social Media Help SEO?

When we talk of search and SEO, we often forget that the various social media sites are search engines in their own right.

How To Write Effective SEO Content

The goal is to create SEO content that is better than what is currently available on search engines so that your page ranks high for your targeted keyword.

Lesson 5: Using LinkedIn for Business

This is our fifth and final lesson for this social media lesson series . . . and that’s LinkedIn. If you missed our previous lessons, go here for Lesson …

Monitoring Your Website’s Ranking

We all know by now that your SEO efforts will not be producing visible results right away. Especially if you want to gain great page ranking.  It is somewhat …

How to Write Your Articles for Better SEO

Last week, we established that articles are an essential key for higher ranking with the search engines. But how do you target your articles to be optimized for SEO …
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