Category: Social Media Marketing

Pinterest For Your Non-Profit

Harnessing the Power of Pinterest for Your Non-Profit Organization Pinterest, a visual discovery engine, is not just for recipes and DIY projects. It can be a powerful tool to …

Running a Social Media Marketing Business

Starting a social media marketing business demands expertise in platform-specific nuances and marketing strategies, a clear niche focus, and proper legal and financial setup. Branding, a strong portfolio, and …

Should Your Business Be On YouTube?

The way people gather and consume their information is now changing. People are more likely now to watch a video rather than read a blog post.

8 Tips for Using LinkedIn

Today we’re diving into LinkedIn, and I’m going to share with you eight tips to help you stand out on LinkedIn.

Using Instagram for Business

With Instagram, you don’t have to have a business profile. You can use a personal profile for your business; however, the business profile comes with added benefits.

How To Do Social Media God’s Way

Before I dive into all the neat tips and tricks for using different social media platforms for your business, first I'll talk about Kingdom principles and how to honor …

The Art of Being Shareable

It doesn’t take much to be shareable. Just be yourself, be transparent, and be valuable. Just do what you’re already doing, only with a little bit more oomph!
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