CD&C Virtual Outsource Paralegal: Virtual Book Tour

CD&C Virtual Outsource Paralegal: Virtual Book Tour

virtual book tourCordina Charvis, CEO of CD&C Virtual Outsource Paralegal, began her virtual book tour today and has just arrived for her first stop on her tour.  We are discussing how to start a virtual paralegal business, her new e-book, The Ultimate Virtual Paralegal Guide, plus much, much more.  Also, after Cordina’s visit, there will be a drawing for a fr^ee copy of her  e-book.  To qualify, just post a comment or question for Cordina.

Following is my interview with Cordina:

RC: Tell me about yourself.

CC:  My name is Cordina A. Charvis, founder and CEO of CD&C Virtual Outsource Paralegal, and I have more than 12 years experience working as a corporate paralegal and notary public. I have worked with several top law firms in the nation and in-house legal departments.

RC: Why did you write this book?

CC:  Law firms have been laying off attorneys in record numbers leaving lawyers scrabbling to find work. Some are working temporary positions, working as paralegals and others are considering going solo. Attorneys who consider going solo are hesitant due to the start up and overhead costs of starting a law firm. These attorneys reduce their overhead costs by hiring virtual assistants and virtual paralegals. Virtual assistants/paralegals reduce the cost of overhead for lawyers and small businesses.

RC: What qualifies you to write this book?

CC:  With more than 12 years working as a paralegal and almost five years as the CEO and founder of CD&C Virtual Outsource Paralegal, I believe I have enough insight in the business to share some of my struggles and successes that may help others who are trying to break into the business or for those who have started their virtual assistant/paralegal business but are looking for ways to grow.

RC: What is the book about?

CC:  The Ultimate Virtual Paralegal Guide is an e-book where I discuss how I lost my first 10 clients while starting and operating my virtual paralegal business. This e-book is a step-by-step guide to starting your virtual assistant or virtual paralegal business.

RC: What do you want the readers to get out of the book?virtual book tour

CC:  I am hoping that this e-book will serve as a step-by-step guide for readers who want to break into the VA or PA business and will give experience VA and PA ideas on how to grow their business.

RC: How long have you been writing?

CC:  As a paralegal, writing is always a part of my professional life. I have to draft letters, memorandums, correspondence on a daily basis. But as a hobby I have always enjoyed writing articles about the legal industry.

RC: How can the readers contact you if they want further information?

CC:  They can email me at inbox[at]

RC: How much does the book cost?

CC:  The book costs $18.99.

RC: Where can the readers purchase your e-book?

CC:  Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of my e-book can do so at my website

RC: Thank you, Cordina, for stopping by and sharing with my readers.

CC:  Thank you for having me, Rita.

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