Do You Have an Engaged Audience or Crickets?

Do You Have an Engaged Audience or Crickets?

Hi Coaches and Service Providers,

When you post to your social media platforms, do people respond to you or do you feel invisible? Yes, with millions of social media users, it IS possible to feel invisible when nobody reacts, comments, or shares your posts.

Your Target Or Ideal Audience

The best info graphic in the world is rendered useless if it’s not reaching your target audience, which is the very first step in building your business foundation. Your target or ideal audience is that group of people who know, like, and trust you and who run to purchase your products or services. These are the people who will tell their friends all about you and who will respond and share your social media posts.

Building Relationships

But don’t think you’ll just waltz in to a pre-made tribe of people. No, the process involves lots of time building relationships and discovering how you can help your tribe. These are just a few of the tasks you’ll need to build an engaged audience who loves you.

5 Steps to Build an Engaged Audience on Social Media Webinar

In my upcoming webinar, I’m discussing 5 Steps to Build an Engaged Audience on Social Media. Social media is a quicker and easier way to market your coaching business but not without a plan or strategy. We’ll cover these steps for starting your foundation and then it will take your consistent work to solidify your business.

Even if you’ve been in business for a while, re-examining your social media strategy is always beneficial. Making small changes or realizing that your market may have changed a bit will only strengthen your connection and your credibility with your tribe.

I will have a replay of the webinar available but the only way to get your specific questions answered is to attend live. Grab your seat today before they disappear!

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