Do You Want Value or to Save Money?

Do You Want Value or to Save Money?
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Rita J. Cartwright Southern, Founder

As a Virtual Assistant, I have discovered that some business owners rather save money when considering working with virtual assistants rather than reap the value. They even go as far as working with offshore virtual assistants as opposed to working with onshore virtual assistants in order to save money. I wrote a post explaining the disadvantages of working with offshore virtual assistants, as well as the advantages of working with onshore virtual assistants. Click here to read it.

Jennifer from Outright recently wrote a blog post, which gives examples of the type of tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant and the value in doing so. Click here to read it.

When choosing to work with onshore virtual assistants, try focusing on the value you will receive as oppose to the actual cost. The energy and time you gain can be used to earn more revenue for your business. How valuable is that?

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