Face-Off With Facebook SEO Optimization Trends

By Chris C Bates

What’s trending readers? You hear that term a lot these days; trending. If you don’t know what that means, it’s essentially what is popular at the moment. Most often a short lived fad, but beneficial all the same when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Basically when someone posts a video, a statement, and article, an activity… whatever.. and it becomes popular, then that is what’s trending. A site can trend, and people on that site can trend, and things that that trending persons is doing can trend. SO now I bet you are wondering “Well how does that help my business?”

Well in this article we will discuss some trending SEO behaviors on Facebook that you can use to optimize your Facebook page. Driving traffic to your Facebook page is almost as good as driving it to your company page. If your company page is your Facebook page, then it is even better. Following Facebook trends can really make it easy for you to determine how to place and write the content on your page. And it is not hard to find out what is trending on the 2 biggest social networking sites on the planet.

The best way to keep up with what is trending on Facebook is to monitor your news feed and the topics of groups. These two areas are overloaded with SEO information and ideas. Not only for back-linking your blog to your Facebook page, but for keywords to place in your content on your page. You can find out what is hot and what is not simply by putting your ears to the screen (not literally). You don’t have to work so hard to find out what people are all over these days, let them do the hard part.

So how do we use what’s trending on Facebook to build up traffic to your Facebook page and website. To begin with you obviously need to be friends with or fans of someone or some company that has a vested interest in the same topics related to your business. If you were a Yankees clothing retailer, then I would monitor fan groups and pages and the team’s page, and even, anti-Yankee sites to keep up with the current scuttlebutt. From there you can find out what players are popular, what merchandise or fashion is moving.

With that information you can constantly adjust what you’re featuring on your Facebook page and sites. Changing up product promotions and article content on your blog as well will drive more traffic if you update it regularly with what’s hot on Facebook. This in turn will boost your SERP rankings and better your SEO. With this method, it would truly only take you minimal time to keep up with it.

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