Facebook Page Profile – Part 2

Facebook Page Profile – Part 2

Facebook PageLive Stream Plug-In

Of the many plug-ins available for your Facebook business page, this week we will look into Live Stream.

Live Stream allows the user who visits your site to post their comments in real time. This is helpful for when you are running a real-time event such as a live speech, webcast, or webinar. It also works for streaming live video of concerts. The application is easily available for download from the “Facebook Developers” portion of Facebook. While most users may not go through the expense of setting up a live event for their branding, it is possible to set up Live Stream to show static content.

Application ID

The Live Stream application will require an application ID to function correctly. It is created in the Facebook Developer’s area. When you arrive at the “Developer’s page,” http://www.facebook.com/developers/, you will see a button in the top right corner that says Set Up New App.

Application Name

Now you will begin to set up your application by naming it. Once you finish naming the application, click the create button. You can find your new application listed on the developer’s page if you’re not redirected immediately to the proper page.  Once you arrive to the correct page, you will find your Application ID number, located on the left side, third row down (Facebook Integration tab). With the application ID you can set up the Live Stream code for your real time comments with whatever content you have decided to display for your potential clients.

As the social plug-ins cover a broad range of choices, an attempt will be made to cover each one in depth. Check back next week!

RJ's Internet Marketing Services
RJ’s Internet Marketing Services
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