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Rita J. Cartwright Southern, Founder

It is recommended that if you use a personal photo for your Business Facebook page, that you use one that is a professional headshot and/or company logo (for branding). If you wish to not provide a logo there, you may also place it on other areas of the Business Facebook page; however, keep in mind the profile picture is designed to market your company. Your goal is to brand clients so they recognize and associate whatever it is you may do with your logo.


Adding Friends

After the creation of your profile, you can go live with your page. At this point you will want to begin the process of adding friends. Search for groups who are involved in a similar business and add current and former coworkers. Don’t wait for someone to come to you, become involved. At this time you can bring in your other social networking skills and combine them into your Facebook page. If you have an existing LinkedIn and/or Twitter accounts, these can also lead to new contacts within the Facebook network. Keep in mind you must always engage with your audience.


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