Step Five: Getting Familiar with Google+

Step Five:  Getting Familiar with Google+

social media marketingThis is our 5th and final step in our lesson on Using Google+ for Business.  To recap, go here for step 1, here for step 2, step 3 here, and go here for step 4.

As usual, once we complete a lesson, we present a webinar presenting everything we’ve covered. More about the webinar at the end of this post. Now let’s get familar with Google+.

Using Google+

Your next important step is to get into the habit of using Google+. . . and nothing could be easier!

Simply use the icon buttons along the left-hand side of your browser to navigate through your content. (Google+ is visually-based — remember?)

Google+ recently changed the appearance of its interface. The icon buttons were previously along the top of your browser. You can read more about it here and here.

Ideas for Using Google+

As you grow more familiar with it, you will come up with your own ideas as to how Google+ can help your business grow — and help brand you as an expert and trusted resource in your field.

  1. Consider using long posts. Unlike other social networks, Google+ allows up to 1000 words in posts! While shorter often gets the point across more efficiently, there are times when a longer post will demonstrate more knowledge, be more helpful to the reader or just simply interest them into reading. And the longer they read, the more they psychologically engage with you!
  2. Remember to include photos, graphics, videos and links within your posts. (Calls to action won’t be as important here, if you’re concentrating on building credibility and trust.)
  3. Use your tagline and keywords in your profile. This is vital if you are looking to network for business!
  4. Segment your customers by using Circles. This is ideal for putting customers or clients who come from two differing demographics in their own separate circles. Not only will it help you to quickly share highly-customized content with each group, but it will help you “organize” them in your mind. You’ll create the habit of catering to each segment automatically.

We will discuss a few more ideas for using Google+ in our upcoming webinar.

If you are familiar with using Google+ for business, feel free to share any ideas you have for using Google+ in the comment section below.

Next Webinar

Our next webinar, Using Google+ for Business,  will be held next Thursday, April 19th, from 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST.  Go here to register. Hurry seating is limited!

As always, thank you for reading.  See you next week at the webinar!




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