“Go Green” Work With Virtual Assistants

“Go Green” Work With Virtual Assistants
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Rita J. Cartwright Southern, Founder

In honor of Earth Day, I am re-posting this post. This is one of many solutions to help us preserve Mother Earth.

With the increasing cost of fuel and pollution, businesses are going to have to come up with alternatives for their employees who drive back and forth to work on a daily basis. One alternative could be to reduce the work week. Another alternative would be to allow their employees to perform their duties from home. Of course, there are certain businesses that cannot operate off-site, as well as certain tasks that cannot be completed virtually.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur, small business, or a small business owner and need administrative assistance, you have the alternative of working with a Virtual Assistant (VA). As a result, you and your Virtual Assistant are able to “go green.” Your Virtual Assistant doesn’t have to purchase as much gasoline, because he or she works from their home office. You “go green” by choosing to work with a VA rather than hiring an administrative assistant who would have to drive to your office. Both you and your VA are helping to preserve our planet by not adding to the levels of carbon monoxide.

This is just another great benefit in working with a Virtual Assistant. “Go green” work with a Virtual Assistant.

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