How to Find Your Niche – Part 3

How to Find Your Niche – Part 3
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We are continuing our discussion on How to Find Your Niche, and this week we will focus on Finding Niches that Actually Pay.

Last week we looked at finding a specialized focus within your field of interest by narrowing down your keywords. Now it’s time to look over your list of results and highlight or copy at least half a dozen possibilities. And here is where it becomes a combination of logic and gut instinct. Don’t be afraid to go with hunches, though – you’re just researching at this stage and if an idea bombs out, discard it and move on to the next. (Even super affiliates have this experience.)

Using our “horse” example, let’s look into these three keywords:

horse keywords image

You might not think that people who want free horses would pay – but for the right product, they will pay under $40.00 for information to help them acquire a $3,000 horse for nothing.

Likewise, horse boarding could be a possible topic. It is specific enough (one focus) that people will search for it.

  1. Explore these keywords further in Keyword Tracker and other keyword tools you may have, like the free but powerful Traffic Travis or Google’s new AdWords tool. (The latter is a “must”, if you are planning to monetize with AdWords.) (This exploring-further process is what super-affiliates often like to call “drilling down”.
  2. Look for social groups focused around that specific niche:
  • On discussion-based social networks (e.g., Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn)
  • In forums (e.g. Yahoo)
  1. Look for presentations on that specific niche topic:
  • In photo-sharing and blogging social networks (e.g. Instagram, Pinterest, SlideShare, Tumblr)
  1. Look for hashtags and tweets on that product through Twitter Advanced Search and

horse hashtag image

(Use a broad keyword when searching keywords, if your specific keyword idea doesn’t turn up any results.)

Just keep in mind that the more specific your focus – i.e. one specialized topic, one product – the greater possible results.

These are just a few suggestions to help you find niches that pay.

How did you choose your niche(s)? We would love to hear your experiences, ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Join the conversation below by commenting in our comments section.

Last week, I mentioned that I’ll be sharing summaries of the seven (7) steps that are included in the workbook, The Riches are in the Niches: How to Find Your Niche. Go here to pick up the full version of your workbook.

Come back next week as we continue our discussion on How to Find Your Niche. As always, thanks for reading, and please share this post by clicking on the share buttons!





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