How to Find Your Niche – Part 6

How to Find Your Niche – Part 6
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web hosting imageLast week we left off discussing how to find the right domain. There is one more item that you’ll need in order to publish a niche blog and that is hosting. This week we’ll look at Choosing the Best Niche Blog Host.

When selecting a web host, be sure to choose one that targets its services towards niche bloggers – otherwise you may find yourself with a lack of support for WordPress or your database or worse yet, if you have trouble installing your database.

For example, HostRocket is an excellent web hosting company with many huge advantages for mainstream HTML-based static websites and it does have the latest MySQL version, as well as Fantastico deLuxe, so you can set up blogs. But you won’t get any WordPress support from them.

You will be better off to go with a web host that gears itself towards niche bloggers, such as:

  • Hostgator
  • BlueHost

Hostgator has long been the industry standard for bloggers and in many ways is superior to all others – particularly in the ability to handle large amounts of traffic and host multiple sites very inexpensively – but this last year has seen some billing glitches that have left even long-time customers frustrated.

BlueHost works like a dream when it works – but is noted for small fits of down time. It does not use Fantastico deLuxe for its WordPress setup via your control panel; it uses SimpleScripts, which many people love. If you are a Fantastico fan, however, you will probably find SimpleScripts frustrating (tip: Follow directions exactly. Don’t assume it behaves like Fantastico). (There are a couple of more host examples listed in our full-version report, which you can pick up here)

web hosting imageRemember – do choose a web host that is “friendly” to WordPress. Even if you currently plan only to concentrate on one blog, do yourself a favor and choose a plan that allows unlimited domains. It doesn’t have to be a reseller account – unless you are planning to develop niche blogs to actually sell, which is another way to make money with niche blogging (and another topic entirely!)

Which web hosting company would you recommend for niche bloggers? We would love to hear your experiences, ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Join the conversation below by commenting in our comments section.

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