Internet Business — Marketing Add-on Services

Internet Business — Marketing Add-on Services

online marketingIf you select the correct add-on service to offer, you shouldn’t have to do as much marketing as you do for your actual online business. The reason is that you should be able to market your add-on services to the people who already visit your website.

Target Audience

So what services does your target market need? Do they need online content, graphic design, web design, administrative services? Perhaps they need coaching or consulting services? For the best results, it’s very important that you know your target audience so that you can target them with your add-on services.

You’re in luck, if your niche is marketing information products and affiliate products to other business owners, because it will be easy to market a service to that group. If your online business is marketing to another niche such as natural living or parenting topics, you might have more issues developing a service for your site visitors, but don’t be discouraged, you can offer coaching or consulting to that group.

What Services Can I Offer?

One of the easiest services to offer almost any website visitor is coaching or consulting. Even a parenting-focused website is a great place to offer coaching. Many parents just need someone to support them in their endeavors. Start by offering group coaching calls to talk about a specific aspect of your niche, then up-sell at the coaching call individual coaching that is more expensive. Before you know it, you’ll have added an income stream to your revenue site that can support it until you’re more successful.

Online Forums

Another way to market add-on services is to the people you meet at online “water coolers” to discuss your business. Forums and message boards that have other work-from-home or Internet business owners are full of people to whom you can market your services. Use your online business as an example of what you can do for them. Perhaps you’ve built an impressive website or have excellent content on your site; you can help others do the same through your services.

Speaking of online forums, another way to offer services is to go to community forums where work-at-home people hang out and wait until someone offers “overflow” work. This works especially good for writing content. The pay will be pretty low when you subcontract and take overflow. Ensure that you get payment upfront or only accept overflow from people whom you trust. Deliver quality work on time, and you’ll get asked to do it more often without having to wait for it.

Marketplace Services

Another way to market an add-on service is to try using a service like The pay is low to start, but if you do enough business, you will be allowed to offer up-sells to those who purchase from you. Also, what is really good about a service like is that payment is handled by a third party service, so you do not have to worry about non-payment. On and other services like this, you simply put up your offering and wait for people to place orders.

How do you market your add-on services? Join the conversation by commenting below. As always, thanks for reading!

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