Internet Marketing for Start-Ups – Part II

Internet Marketing for Start-Ups – Part II

Last week we begin discussing Internet marketing tools and strategies that start-ups can use to promote their products and/or services online. This week, we will wrap up the Internet marketing strategies. We left off on discussing LinkedIn groups, which are similar to forums.

Yahoo Groups

Speaking of forums, Yahoo groups are business-related forums where you can swap pertinent information and gain valuable business tips as well. As we discussed last week, you will be seen as the expert in your area.

You also want to join the forums where your target audience hangs out. By following their conversations, you can learn what keeps them up at night and come up with solutions to their business issues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the Internet marketing strategies and tools you can use to promote your business online and get clients as a result. There are several more online marketing tools available.

Internet Users

According to the UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over 2 billion Internet users. With the world population at 6.8 billion and rising, almost one person in three is online. If you target your message correctly, you will reach your market within these global users. Everyone in the global market is not your potential clients. So, be sure to create your Internet marketing messages for your target audience.


Unless your product or service offering is Internet marketing, it’s advisable to outsource your Internet marketing to experts in this area. Internet marketing is strategic and time-consuming. It will take your focus away from your core products or services.

When starting up your business, you will have enough items on your “to do” plate. There are virtual assistants that are experts in Internet marketing who are available for you to outsource your Internet marketing needs to on an ongoing basis. Internet marketing is continuous even after you are established.

As a start-up, have you used any of the online marketing strategies and tools mentioned in last week’s and this week’s posts to market your products and/or services and have you gained any clients through their use? We would love to hear. Leave us a comment below. You just might help some other start-up entrepreneur avoid the bumps in the road of Internet marketing.

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