Internet Marketing Strategy – Testing and Tracking

Internet Marketing Strategy – Testing and Tracking

google analyticsA couple of weeks ago, we wrapped up our series on passive and recurring income. We are continuing to look at strategies for start-ups with our focus now being on various internet marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter who your target audience is or how well your website is designed, you still have to place your products and/or services in front of your customers. This requires internet marketing strategies.

The first marketing strategy we’ll cover in our series on internet marketing strategies is Testing and Tracking.

Testing and Tracking

In order for your internet marketing strategies to work for you, it’s important to track your sales and ROI (Return on Investment). So, analyze your e-mail campaigns, social media marketing, sale pages, promotions, and organic website traffic results to get a bigger picture of how you are attracting your audience to your site or are you earning a return on your investment, etc.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to use for tracking. With this tool you can track:

  • Which social sources refer visitors
  • Which actual content drives conversions with social audiences
  • What your visitors are sharing (and where)
  • The impact of mobile use on your business

This tool also provides:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Graphs and charts, to help you quickly visualize statistics, plus more

A/B Split Testing

Google Analytics will also allow you to set up A/B Split Testing (multivariate testing). This allows people when clicking on your links to be taken to different sale pages or ads. Then you can see which one worked the best.

In order to get the full potential from your marketing strategies, it’s important to track the results and test your campaigns.

Are you tracking your results? If so, which analytical tools do you use? Join in the discussion by commenting below.

Come back next week as we continue our series on internet marketing strategies. As always thanks for reading! See you next week!!

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