Internet Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

Internet Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

People tend to use these two terms interchangeably; however, they are not the same.  If you are not an Online marketing degree alum or have some type of Internet marketing background you might not know that they are not the same.  Social media marketing is a component of Internet Marketing.

internet marketingComponents of Internet Marketing

The other areas of Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, include website development, blog marketing, email marketing, and article marketing. Banner ads are also a component, which originally was what Internet marketing was.

Internet marketing is increasingly becoming a part of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporations marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is marketing through social networks; for example, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The key to social media marketing is interacting with other members of these social networks fostering business relationships.

Social Bookmarking

Social media marketing also includes adding bookmarking services bookmark and share widgets to your articles, blog posts, and web pages. (See our bookmark and share widget below) If your site visitors “Digg it,” “Tweet it,” or “Stumble it,” etc., your articles, posts, and web pages will be submitted into social news sites such as Digg or Internet search engine searching the best websites site like StumbleUpon or search engine searching for the best blogs site; for example, Technorati.

Once submitted, your writings are shared with other members of the bookmarking networks, and they are able to vote for them also.

social media marketingVideo Marketing

YouTube is popular for video marketing, which is also considered as part of social media marketing since it is becoming a social networking site. YouTube is an excellent tool to market your products and services to your target audience.

So, as you can see there is a difference between Internet marketing and social media marketing and can’t really be used interchangeably.

Is Internet marketing part of your marketing mix? If so, which components do you use? We would love to hear from you. Stop by next week for more Internet marketing tips.

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