social mediaDo you want to develop a social media networking plan that will both grow your business and niche community? This guide will show you how.

Introduction to Social Media for Business

This guide is based on the first lesson in a series of five (5) lessons surrounding the subject of Social Media for Business. Future topics will cover the Big Four networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Our first topic is Introduction to Social Media for Business

In this guide, you will learn how to recognize your target clients or customers social networking preferences, as well as where you are on the social media scale.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard that is it vital to business success to engage in social media networking. But you haven’t started because:

When you’re finished with this guide, you will stop procrastinating, you will recognize that social networking is necessary for business growth and not a waste of time, and you will learn how to effectively network across the Big Four platforms without spending a lot of time doing it.

First, in order to accomplish this, you need a social media makeover. This process involves the following five (5) steps in giving yourself a makeover:

Step 1 – Discovering Where Are You on the Social Media Scale
Step 2 – Understanding Flow Patterns
Step 3 – Dealing with Social Media Procrastination
Step 4 – Recognizing the Two Deadly Hidden Social Media Pitfalls
Step 5 – Learning how to find Your Customer or Client on the Big Four Social Networks

This guide will teach you how to successfully complete each of the above five (5) steps!

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