Karen M. Pina’s Virtual Book Tour

Karen M. Pina’s Virtual Book Tour

careerbizbookfinal_webRC:    Why did you write this book?

KP:    Rita, I wrote this book to see Christians arrive at the career destination God intends sooner rather than later. It took me 20 plus years of fumbling around in Corporate America. God knows I don’t want the same for my Christian brothers and sisters. If I can help them get there with less stress in half the time with the right tools and attitude, then allowing God to use me to write this book was worth it. Accomplishing this will fill me with unspeakable joy!

RC:     Tell me about yourself.

KP:    You know every time I’m asked this question I reflect deeply on how to answer. First, I am a handmaiden of God who is madly in love and totally surrendered to Him as a vessel fit for noble and honorable purposes. Second, I’m a virtuous leader in my home as a wife to my husband Stanley and a mother to our two beautiful girls.

RC:    What is the book about?

KP:    It is guidebook for those who are looking for career answers. It is for Christians who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of switching jobs every one to three years, tired of the annual slap in the face performance appraisal, and tired of not knowing what they don’t know to attain the career success they were created for.

This is accomplished through assessments, exercises, conducting research, and answering coaching questions. As you can see, Rita, it is a pragmatic hands-on career and business resource. It is definitely not a read from cover to cover and place on the shelf book. It requires the reader’s active participation in order to find their career stressors and the success God intends.

“Anyone who picks up this book, no matter what circumstances they’re going through on the job front, will automatically identify with it because it hits home, right where you are.”

RC:    What is the one take-away you want the readers to leave with?

KP:    My prayer and desire for all who read this book is a successful transition over the bridge into the enormous sea of discovery and realization of the power of God within them as the wind beneath their sails guiding them into their proper sphere of career influence.

RC:    How long have you been writing?

KP:    You know I have been writing in some capacity for over 15 years. At the same time, I have been writing creatively for only the past eight to 10 years. Over the last 5 years, God has taken me to new heights as the Holy Spirit has birthed articles, newsletters, e-books, e-courses, and paperback books. I have most recently discovered that I’m a scribe after the order of Ezra in the Bible.

RC:    What is next on the writing horizon?

KP:    A scribe is one who completes divine writing assignments as given by God. So, there are several things on God’s radar right now that He desires to release through me. Some of the upcoming assignments are completing a musical project of all the poems He’s given me, a character development book titled The Making and, as you know, the book we are working on together to help Christian coaches find virtual assistants who are best equipped to support the vision God has given them.

RC:    Karen, tell the readers how they can contact you if they have any questions?

KP:    Sure, if anyone has any questions, they can post them as a response to this interview. I will stop by periodically to answer questions. Additionally, my contact information is: www.findcareeranswers.com.

RC:    How much is the book?

KP:    There are two delivery methods for the book. The printed copy is for those who do not mind waiting for delivery via snail mail and is specially priced at $19.99. The electronic version is for those who want to start receiving answers immediately and is specially priced at $10.99.

RC:    Tell my blog readers where they can buy the book.

KP:    We are accepting all pre-orders right here. All orders will be shipped hot off the heavenly press within 4-6 weeks . . . just in time to give as a Christmas gift.

RC: Karen, thank you so much for stopping my blog.

KP:    You are most welcome, thanks for having me.

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