Keyword Research Why You Will Succeed – Part I

Keyword Research Why You Will Succeed – Part I

Last week, we began the conversation of monitoring your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts with analytical tools such as Alexa.  In case you are not pleased with the results of your SEO efforts, this week we are discussing how to improve your search engine page ranking by using the correct keywords.

keyword researchKeyword Research: Why You’ll Succeed Where Others Failed

Most people who set out to make money online fail – But you won’t. Here’s why: The vast majority of people who set out to try and create a successful website don’t know how to lay a rock solid foundation for their success. This foundation is the key difference between success and failure. Here, we’ll explore exactly what this foundation is how to lay this foundation.

Why Keyword Research Will Make or Break Your Business

In real estate and retail, what makes or breaks your business is “location, location, location.”

Your keywords are your online equivalent. Just like how your location is what enables people to find you in a retail store, your keywords are what allow your online visitors to find you.

If you choose your keywords poorly, as most do, you’ll be doomed to a website with little traffic, often competing in markets and keyword pools where competition is much too fierce.

On the other hand, choosing a great keyword is like choosing a great location: A lot of people around who want what you’re selling and not a whole lot of competition.

If you can consistently find keywords like that and build your business around it, you can be sure that you’ll get traffic to your websites.

Come back next week as we continue our discussion on keyword research.

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