Marketing on LinkedIn: Building Groups

Marketing on LinkedIn: Building Groups

Building a network on LinkedIn is only the beginning of a successful LinkedIn marketing plan. Once you have firmly established your place within the virtual walls of this social networking giant, it is time to push it a step further with the Groups feature. There are two sides of this feature – creating groups and joining groups. This week we will discuss the benefits of joining LinkedIn Groups.

Joining Groups

Start this phase of your LinkedIn marketing plan by joining existing groups. This will allow you to get a feel of how the people within the network communicate with each other, find hot topics for discussion and, of course, it gives you instant access to a larger group of people for your own network.

Take some time to explore different social groups as you familiarize yourself with this feature. This will allow you to “test the social networking waters” so you can discover how your different networking ideas or plans work with different groups of people.

Build your LinkedIn reputation by actively participating in existing discussions. Get your name out there so people know who you are. Once you have built up your “name” with your participation, try starting some discussions of your own. You will often find that having a strong following on any social network will bring more traffic to your discussions. Of course, this can always be enhanced with a compelling discussion title and the content to back it up.

The key thing to remember when joining a Group on LinkedIn is that you must not just be a name in the list – you must be an active, participating member. You will not build your social media reputation by being another “name” in the crowd. You must make your presence known.

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