Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages – Part II

Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages – Part II

Picking up where we left off, we are going to explore the other areas of LinkedIn’s company pages. Next we will explore the other components beyond the general overview.

If you are the manager of your own company’s page, then you will see four sections total: Overview (which we have already covered), Careers, Products & Services, and then Analytics. If you are not the owner of the company page, then the only item missing from the list above would be the Analytics tab and/or any of the above that has no content.

First exploring the two that are visible to the public sections, they seem to be rather self-explanatory. But let’s look a little deeper and see why they are important.

The Careers section is great for growing companies; you are able to advertise a new position for your company and have a possible avenue to find gifted talent. After all if an individual finds the job posting via LinkedIn rather than just the newspaper, it does show a level of motivation.

The Products and Services section, however, is where your company can shine. Just as individuals can recommend your company, or you, they can also recommend a specific product or service you offer. This is some great advertisement if done correctly. It gives your business more reputation while also telling your audience what you do. This is probably one of the best ways to market on LinkedIn. But of course, there is no single method that works.

Check back again next week as we take a look at Analytics on the company pages to better understand what they mean and how they can help you advertise on LinkedIn.

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