Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages – Part III

Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages – Part III

When managing a company page on LinkedIn possibly, one of the most important resources is the recently built-in analytic system. Many companies have been offering this as a service for a fee, but times have changed. Now offered to its users free of charge, LinkedIn provides companies with the ability to see who, what, when, and where built right in. With the easy to read/see charts running a LinkedIn campaign has never been easier.

Page Views

Broken down on a monthly scale you can track page views, both on a specific level and on an individual as well. If your advertising on LinkedIn is working, this will tell you where and what content people are enjoying. If it is not, it also tells you what they are not enjoying. It also shows you how you may compare to similar companies.

Unique Visitors

Broken down in the similar monthly form as page views, you are able to see just how many of those views are by separate users. This tells you how many are revisits your page possibly has. Depending on the product/service you are marketing your wanted results will vary.


This area shows you clicks based on the links on any given page, which ones are clicked the most and the least. This is helpful because it can tie into your website analytics which is a whole other monster all together.

Members following and member visits

This gives you great input, it allows you to see what number of your visits and followers are already members of LinkedIn. This will allow you to see if your advertising efforts are still best spent on LinkedIn alone or if it’s worth exploring other avenues as well.

LinkedIn in the end is just like any other social media outlet, it takes work and dedication to understand, watch and learn. It is also ever changing. No single marketing plan works for all companies, or even groups of companies. What it all boils down to, if you want your marketing to be successful, you need to seriously consider hiring a professional. Doing it on your own is great and works best for small start-ups, but eventually you have to make the financial leap if you want big numbers.

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