Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages

Marketing on LinkedIn Company Pages

Moving on for a moment from LinkedIn Groups let’s now discuss LinkedIn Company Pages. Being one of the newest additions on LinkedIn, company profiles have not only provided an avenue for employees to connect to one another, but to also advertise your company to its potential audience. Available for about a year now it has opened up the business networking experience quite a bit. Company profiles allow brands to list services, publish videos, create promotions and most importantly, get endorsements from their customers.

Developing your Company Page on LinkedIn should be taken just as seriously as any other advertisement.

Probably single handedly the most important page within the Companies sections would be the Overview Page, because it is the first impression one will get of your company on LinkedIn. This Page will have a general description of your company, list of connected employees, as well as your social networking updates.

The general description typically at the top of the page is one of the areas you will have the most control over. This is where it’s important to know your 30 second elevator speech. You want to write content that is not only short and to the point, but gets the attention of your target audience. Throwing in some SEO helps as well. You also have an option to upload a photo with the description. It is best to upload either a company logo, or some other kind of signature image. Make sure the image is of high quality.

Next you see the network/employees. This shows how well connected the company is and who works for you. Other than seeing just people who work within, you also see people that are openly affiliating themselves with the business. This can be great publicity for companies. Many even give their customers rewards for connecting on LinkedIn.

Another item you will see on the overview page is social networking updates. This gives viewer a real time look at your social networking on other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc). This is where it becomes important to keep engaging and talking to your audience, and why it’s important to keep your fingers in all the social networking pots.

This is obviously a bit of an involved topic, so check back next week for more information on LinkedIn Company Pages.

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