Marketing on Twitter (for free)

Marketing on Twitter (for free)

Twitter has taken the world by storm over the last year. It is a major part of our social lives where we can not only keep up-to-date with our friends and colleagues, but also get breaking news, celebrity gossip, dinner specials from our favorite eateries, and just about any other instant need-to-know information. More importantly, though, Twitter has become a major marketing resource for entrepreneurs and companies alike.

Getting Noticed

The number one way to get your product noticed on Twitter (without paying for promoted tweets) is the use of strong, relevant keywords. When mentioning what you have to offer, be clear and precise and choose your words wisely. Imagine that you are a potential customer looking for the product that you have to offer. What words would you use in your search? These are the keywords you need to include in your tweets.

Another great way to get noticed and to develop a larger following is to post information that other people will want to share with their own network. When your tweets are retweeted by others, you are exposed to all of their followers. This is the absolute definition of marketing with social networking. People turn their attention to their timeline several times a day to keep current on the latest happenings. If one of their colleagues posts something, they have instant access to it without having to search.

If you want immediate exposure, you can also use trending keywords in your tweets. While this does ensure that a vast number of people will read your post, you must keep in mind that unless those trending keywords are relevant to your topic, most people will probably just skip over your tweet. There is still a possibility that it will catch the eye of a potential customer; so, this method of keyword selection should not be omitted, it just should not be relied upon as heavily.

A Few Tips to Get Started

Mind the 140 character limit. Twitter does allow for longer tweets, but it forces the user to click a link to read the full post. Unless you have successfully captivated the potential customer, you will probably lose them at this point. You need to grab their attention in those first few words and compel them to click the link to your website or purchase page.

Don’t forget your own link. Unless you are just trying to build a Twitter following, you need to include a link to your website in your tweets. It does no good to “sell” them without giving them an option to actually buy your product.

Change it up. Keep in mind that even though you are hoping to reach the outer branches of your own social network, your posts are still being read by your followers all day, every day. Although you may only be selling one product, you can market it differently with each post and tweet. Let one post (or tweet) “breathe” before coming back to it again.

When using social networking to market your product, Twitter can be a very valuable and cost-effective (free) resource. Remember that the keywords you choose for each post will either make or break your tweet. Keep in mind though, if at first you don’t succeed, because of the wonderful low cost (free) of marketing on Twitter you always have the option to try, try again.

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