On to My Next Tour Stop

On to My Next Tour Stop
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Today, I continued on to Wisconsin on my virtual book tour. My tour stop was at Melodee’s Virtual Assistant blog (bookstore). Her bookstore address is http://www.short-termsolutions.com/vablog/. One of her readers wanted to know how long it took me to write my newly released e-book, “Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business.” It took me about a week or two. I wrote it in my spare time. I have a passion for marketing, as well as an education in marketing, and experience in operating an online business. So, it is a subject matter, which I am very familiar with.

My next tour stop will be in Virginia at Paula Quick’s bookstore, The Bible, Marketplace Spirituality & Business, on Thursday, October 30, 2008. She is located at http://marketplacespirituality.blogspot.com/. Don’t forget. I am giving away a free copy of my very informative e-book to a randomly selected participant. Stop by and post a question and/or comment to Paula’s blog, and you will instantly be entered into a drawing for my e-book. In it, I discuss online marketing tools, which costs little to no money. If you are an entrepreneur and/or a small business owner with a shoestring marketing budget, this e-book is for you. Don’t want to wait until Thursday for the drawing? Pick up your copy today for only $3.98.

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