Relationship Between SEO Content and Google Penguin

Relationship Between SEO Content and Google Penguin

It is said that content is king when it comes to online marketing. SEO content is used to promote a website or blog, attracting visitors. When you employ this marketing strategy, you must be aware of the Google Penguin algorithm. Penguin is one of Google’s latest ranking algorithms. This algorithm means that there’s little or no point in creating fabulous content or informative articles without getting your link strategies right.

Google’s latest algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin, have changed the way people approach their SEO. Let’s take a look at how Google Penguin works and how you can adhere to the set guidelines to make your online marketing fruitful.

The Function of Google Penguin

According to online marketing experts and Google themselves, Google Penguin is basically a web spam penalty from the search giant. It works to combat misleading or false linking structures, addressing the problems of misrepresentation of web content and keyword stuffing. When preparing your content, you should not repeat keywords excessively. You should carefully select anchor texts, avoiding excessive use of similar landing pages and anchor texts.

Many people think that content marketing is dead because of the recent Google Penguin updates, but this is not true. It is alive and kicking. The idea is to author the articles or blog posts correctly and avoid being banned or penalized by Google. Google algorithms are designed to assign ranking to websites associated with well written content.

Google Penguin and Article Marketing

Google Penguin impacts on your content marketing efforts in a number of ways. It is not the way you write your SEO content or articles that are affected that much, it is more about how you intend to use them. Here are issues that you should address immediately if you want to achieve good rankings in the Google search results.

  • Anchor text – Do not excessively use keywords as your anchor text. This strategy may have been fruitful back in the day, but today it’s poison. You may risk getting banned because of using the same keywords as your anchor text repeatedly. Google would recommend you just use your URL or company name.
  • Landing pages – Don’t build numerous links to your home page. Instead, mix the landing pages to get good ranking. Google is automated and understands that every page on your website is different.
  • Be careful where you post your content – The Penguin update has made links from certain sites (bad neighborhoods) toxic, it is wise to check a sites link profile before you obtain a link from it. It is also wise to do a bit of research on a site before you link to it.

The relationship between content marketing and Google Penguin is an interesting one. The latest Google Penguin updates are designed to detect unethical practices in SEO, banning you outright if you have violated the guidelines set by Google. In order to be on the safe side, go with the right techniques, creating quality, unique content with a natural percentage of keywords.

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