SEO For Ecommerce: How To Improve Your Google Ranking

SEO For Ecommerce: How To Improve Your Google Ranking

Search engine optimization is a method of improving the visibility of a specific website on Google and other search engines. SEO can be used to improve the ranking of different types of websites with various content; therefore, Google has developed specific algorithms, which help the search engine determine the most accurate suggestions depending on the type of query. As a result, search engine optimization strategies for eCommerce should be significantly different than SEO for blogs and other websites.

The search intent

Google algorithms are designed to identify the intent behind the query. For example, if a user types in the phrase “women’s shoes,” Google will first suggest websites, which are considered the most informative: popular blogs about shoes or websites of well-known manufacturers of shoes, who also provide exhaustive descriptions of their products. However, if a user types in “buy women’s shoes,” Google will interpret this query as a shopping intent and will display a list of the most popular shoe stores. This proves that some keywords are less effective for eCommerce businesses and rarely give them the first place on the search result page. When you promote your online store, it’s best to use keywords, which describe the shopping intent of users.

How to get the highest rating

To make sure that their algorithms are accurate and effective, Google always conducts extensive research before implementing any upgrades. Feedback from quality raters – people, who rate Google results, following very specific guidelines – play an important part in testing new algorithms. The higher rate your online store gets, the more likely it will be featured among the top search results. Getting the highest rate can be difficult, however, every online retailer should try to adhere to Google standards as closely as possible. To receive the highest rating, an eCommerce site should have:

  • Highly informative content – for Google the best online stores are not the ones, which have the broadest product catalogs, but the stores that provide comprehensive and highly informative descriptions of products.
  • Unique content – Google algorithms are designed to recognize unique content, so your product pages should feature unique descriptions of products, instead of copied and pasted information from the manufacturer or other online stores.
  • A few hundred reviews – Google considers online stores with many reviews as more trustworthy and popular among customers, than websites with none or just a few reviews. Although getting 400 or 600 reviews might be impossible for a small online retailer, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews and rate your products.

SEO for Magento

In order to have an SEO friendly online store, you might need to hire Magento designer in UK. The main problem with Magento stores is the number of issues you need to take care of to make sure that your online store is more visible for search engines. The list of things you should pay special attention to includes problems with duplicate content, layered navigation, crawling and different sorting options. If you’re not an expert in Magento development, we strongly recommend hiring one of eCommerce website development companies in your area.

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