Internet Marketing Strategy – Six Useful Ways to Connect with your Market by Mobile

Internet Marketing Strategy – Six Useful Ways to Connect with your Market by Mobile

Last week we continued our series on internet marketing strategies focusing on interacting with your target audience using your website and mobile. Go here to check it out. This week we will look at six ways to effectively connect with your audience by their mobiles.

  1. Make sure your blog or website is optimized for mobile. If you designed your blog and/or website using WordPress software, you can choose a blog theme specifically designed for this or install a plugin called WPTouch, which will enable your site to display correctly on mobiles.
  2. Think about using QR Code as a way to connect with your audience via their mobiles. A QR Code is simply a special bar code when scanned with a phone camera will send people to whatever link you include when designing your QR Code. This is a great strategy to direct people to your site using their mobiles.
    Think of a QR Code as a graphic that you can place in your local advertising, as well as on online. Visit Kaywa to design a QR Code for free.
  3. Know when your particular Mobile market peak usage time happens. Just like on Facebook, there are certain times of the day when your audience connect and check more frequently. According to Practical eCommerce, general peak periods are from 5 p.m. Thursday to Monday, 9 a.m., as well as early morning, late afternoon and late evening.
  4. Use coupons to encourage your subscribers to engage online as well as on their mobiles. Keep in mind that not all mobiles have apps yet that will allow your audience to pay using their mobiles; so, instead drive them to your website to pay or where ever you have your sales page set up.
    Check out MixMobi for creating mobile coupons. They have free trials.
  5. Use Mobile Virtual Business Cards if you are a service provider on the go. Visit AvidMobile to learn how you can create Vcards.
  6. Try the photo “blitz” technique. If your audience is socially active, have them take pictures and post them to your Facebook Page based on a certain theme; for example, where are you right now or a photo of something pertaining to your niche interests. For example, if you sell pet products, have a “Best Pet Photo” contest.
    Be sure to reply or comment on the photos that are submitted to your Page. This goes back to our discussion on using Interaction as an internet marketing strategy.

Are you using any of these methods to connect with your market by mobile? Join in the conversation by commenting below.

Come back next week as we continue our series on internet marketing strategies. As always, thanks for reading!

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