Social Madness Tournament

Social Madness Tournament

social mediaHello valued community,

You may have noticed the new Social Madness badge on our site. We are currently competing in a Social Madness tournament.

As of June 12th, we were in 18th place and are striving to be in the top 8. We have until June 18th to climb up 10 places in order to move to the next round in the Social Madness tournament.

Do us a favor please and vote for RJ’s Internet Marketing Services by going here or by simply clicking on the Social Madness badge to the right.

After clicking the badge, you’ll be taken to the next screen where you’ll see the option of “Select your company’s city to get started.” Our company, RJ’s Internet Marketing Services, is located in Phoenix.

After advancing to the next round, you will be able to vote for us again. Thanks for your vote!

More information about the Social Madness tournament can be found by going here.

See you in the next round!




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