Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups

Social Media Marketing for Start-Ups

Last week we wrapped up a series on Internet marketing for start-ups. We explained that social media marketing is an Internet marketing strategy. This week we will discuss how to use social media marketing to build relationships.

Building Relationships

According to an article, “How to Build Better Business Relationships” on the website, relationships are the fuel that feeds the success of your business. “Without strong relationships, it is impossible to have success as a business owner,” says the founder and CEO of Denisoff Consulting Group Michael Denisoff. Go here to read the entire article, “How to Build Better Business Relationships.”

social media marketingWhat is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is simply using social networks to convince your target audience that your products and/or services are valuable. Although you want to sell your products and/or services, you can’t be blatant about it. It is a “soft sell” while building relationships.

The major three social networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. After you have identified your target audience and determined what their needs are, as well as how your products or services can fulfill that need, then find out which social networks your target audience hangs out at. From there you can start building relationships with your prospective clients.

Following are some statistics to help you learn where your target audience does their social networking.


According to an article, “A Portrait of Who Uses Social Networks in The US,” written on June 16, 2011 by Gregg Finn over at Search Engine Land, the average age user of Facebook is 38 years old, LinkedIn is 40 years old, and the average age user of Twitter is 33 years old.


The same article states that 43% of Facebook total users are men and 58% are women. LinkedIn is the only network with more men users than women. Sixty-three percent of Linked users are men and 37% are women. On Twitter 64% of the total users are women and 36% are men.

Race & Ethnicity

The article also cites the White race as being the vast majority users of social networks in the US. On Facebook, there are 78% White users, 9% Black, 9% Hispanics, and 12% Other Race. Over at LinkedIn, there are 85% White, 2% Black, 4% Hispanic, and 13% Other Race users. Twitter has 71% White users, 9% Black, 12% Hispanic, and 21% Other Race.

Overall, 92% of social networking users are on Facebook, 18% uses LinkedIn, and 13% social networkers use Twitter. More importantly, based on whom you are targeting, the above-mentioned statistics will help you determine which network(s) you will exert your energy and time based on age, gender and/or ethnicity.

In order to build relationships with your potential clients at the various social networks, get involved with their discussions, reply to their comments, offer pertinent information that will provide solutions. This is not really something you can outsource. Only you can be you. However, virtual assistants can help you set up your profiles and company pages.

Which social network sites have you been able to successfully build relationships? Leave us a comment below.

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