Social Media Tools – Part 4

Social Media Tools – Part 4
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Over the past few weeks we’ve shared a variety of social media tools that will make you a social media superstar. We don’t expect for you to use every tool we discuss. Select the ones that will line up with your social media marketing plan. Now on to this week’s list of tools.

  1. Twitalyzer
    social media marketingOne of the best stats and analysis tools out there, this is the one to choose if Twitter is your main platform.And if your business is into Klout scores, Twitalyzer is a must, since it integrates and provides these with its own metrics.Reasonably priced, too, starting at $19.00 per month (with a free, seven-day trial).
  2. Buzz EquityThis aptly-named service allows you to be a fly on the wall, listening to real-time conversations about you and your brand. Prices start at $19.00 per month, making it competitive with other services or Apps such as Twitalyzer – but you can also get results from video websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, as well as Facebook, blogs, reviews, news and even forum mentions.
  3. TweetDeckThis post wouldn’t be complete without mention of TweetDeck, another social media manager and HootSuite’s biggest rival.You can download it and have it running from your desktop, monitoring feeds in real time and popping up new tweets into your Twitter stream. You can schedule with TweetDeck, as well as customize the types of feeds to monitor. You can install it as a Google Chrome app or sign in on the web.Its biggest advantage is allowing you to access a varied array of data instantly, from one vantage point.And you can monitor and manage unlimited accounts. (It’s optimized for mobile, too.)

There are better and/or more powerful alternatives out there, but we haven’t included them here, since they are priced off the map for the average small business owner. (Moral: If an analytics or social media management company doesn’t display its prices – even under their “Pricing” section – you can bet these prices start at $5,000 per month.)

If your budget does allow, and the $5,000 starting point doesn’t daunt you, check out:

  • Wildfire App
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Want to find something for your social media networking in a hurry? Checking a good, regularly updated directory is your quickest bet – and in fact, you’ll probably only need this one . . .

  1. CrunchBaseIn its own words, “CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit.”You’ll see two columns:- Trending Now- In the NewsSimply click on the link you want to check out (e.g. “Facebook”) to see new and core facts and data you can immediately use.

Are you using any of the tools we’ve discussed thus far? If so, are they producing the results you desire? We would love to hear your experiences and success stories.

Come back next week as we continue our discussion on more social media tools you can use to become a Social Media Superstar.

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