Social Media Tools – Part 1

Social Media Tools – Part 1
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Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing a variety of social media tools that everyone who wants to be a social media superstar needs.

If you are going to be a social media superstar, you will need to keep up with the hottest and latest topics. One of the best ways to do that is to subscribe to authority blogs, magazines and news tabloids providing up to the minute social media specific news and information.

  1. Social Media Examinersocial media marketing
    This online magazine should be your bible. Sign up for updates, and get into the habit of reading at least one article every day. Social Media Examiner is well-known for its up-to-date facts, top expert input, meticulous research, common-sense tutorials and rich tips. Many of the top social media superstars gained their audiences writing for this top-notch magazine. Put that on the list of your goals too, since developing relationships with authority sources is essential to becoming a social media superstar.
  2. AllFacebookEven if you don’t plan to be a Facebook expert, it’s a good idea to read the official blogs for all the top platforms like Facebook anyway. For one thing, you’ll find out if what happens on one social network is going to seriously affect the network you currently specialize in dominating – and how it compares, since official social network blogs often contain the latest facts and figures. You’ll also be tipped off to upcoming events likely to affect your area of interest – meaning you can pre-research and have the latest breaking news ready for your fans on their social network of choice.

TIP:  Go to the Settings or Help section of every social media platform you use. There will usually be some mention and a link to the “official blog” for each one. Subscribe to each platform’s official blog and check out the latest news – and any latest changes – daily.

  1. Socialmedia Today
    social media marketingSocialmedia Today is more news tabloid in style and presentation – but it still presents solid research. It works hard to come up with trendy premises such as “What Shark Week and Sharknado Can Teach Marketers and Retailers,” hypothetical and real case studies, statistics, infographics, a searchable database and a social media advice column called “Socially Stephanie” that provides focused advice for specific scenarios.
  2. RazorSocialRazorSocial is the place to go if you want to hear about the latest apps, automation, analytics, tools and social media technology. Endorsed by the likes of Michael Stelzner (Of Social Media Examiner) and Amy Porterfield, this brand new blog nevertheless managed to win a spot among Social Media Examiner’s “Top Ten Social Media Blogs: The 2013 Winners.”

Are you using any of these tools in your online marketing strategy? Join the conversation by commenting below. Come back next week when we share more social media tools.

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