Solo Attorneys and Virtual Assistants

Solo Attorneys and Virtual Assistants

Some attorneys are leaving large law firms and starting solo practices. Their reasons include more control of their work, better client relations, and being able to spend more time with their families. However, when they leave large law firms, they also leave behind administrative assistance. Some of these attorneys have discovered virtual assistants and the much needed services they provide.

It is a perfect time for attorneys to start their own solo practices because of technology. Technology makes it possible for solo attorneys to have administrative assistance, and Virtual Assistants provide administrative assistance using technology. Technology has changed how businesses communicate and operate. Ten years ago, the only choices were snail mail, fax machines, and telephones. Now, a solo attorney choice includes Skype, e-mail, digital computer camera (webcam), teleconference or virtual meetings, video e-mails, Instant Messaging (IM), GoToMeeting, and GoToMyPC. Skype is software that allows you to use the Internet, headset or speakers, and a microphone to place phones calls around the world. With e-mail software, documents can be sent between recipients as e-mail attachments, including digitally recorded dictations. Webcam and the Internet are used to perform teleconferences or virtual meetings between two or several people. Webcam is also used for creating videos for video e-mails. IM is real-time conversation between two or more people using typed text and the Internet. Yahoo and MSN provide the software for instant messaging capabilities. A solo attorney has the ability to schedule and attend online meetings with GoToMeeting software and the Internet. Using GoToMyPC, a solo attorney is able to access his or her PC from anywhere with a web browser or wireless device. In addition, if the attorney has a virtual administrative assistant who needs to access his or her desktop to perform certain administrative tasks, the assistant would be able to with GoToMyPC software.

While taking back their lives, attorneys can now have administrative support when they leave large law firms. Technology and virtual assistant services allow solo attorneys, as well as other small business owners to have the necessary administrative assistance without having to accommodate administrative assistants.

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