Step Five: Create a Facebook Page

Step Five: Create a Facebook Page

We are now on the 5th step in our series on Facebook for Business.  To recap, in Step One we looked at Setting Up Your Facebook Profile.  Next, we discussed Step Two, Preparing Your Facebook Page.  The next step, Step Three, we took a look at how the stars use their Facebook Page for social networking. Last week, Step Four, we discussed how to make the most of your Facebook Page.  Go here to refresh your memory.

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Now you are ready to set up your Facebook Page — or tweak it, if you already have one. But don’t make the all-too-common mistake of procrastinating until you learn how to create Facebook Page templates or wait until your business is “ready” or you’ve got more subscribers, etc. Do it right now. (It’s really easy!)

  1. Log into Facebook and scroll down to the bottom of your Wall posts page. Click on the “Create a Page” link and follow the media marketing
  2. Make sure you include a strong tagline
  3. Don’t be intimidated into putting this task off.  Just get your page started — you can customize it and add content later.

Here’s what a brand-new page might look like, before they’ve invested it with “character” and got the conversational ball rolling . . .

social media marketing

Taking this as a bare-bones example, essential ingredients you’ll want to have ready and plan to include are:

  • Your Page’s Best Category. (Don’t worry about putting it in the most appropriate one: Instead, put your energy into visualizing what category your ideal reader would be searching.)
  • Your Description. Here’s where your most direct, punchiest copy should be. (TIP: Cut out every adjective or adverb and keep sentences short.)
  • A Call-to-Action at the end of your description. (“Visit,” “Share this page link with your friends” . . .)
  • Your blog or website URL (test it, to make sure it works!)
  • A “Like” button
  • Contact info
  • Photo
  • Statement for the News Feed. (This can be as simple as “Which is your favorite ice cream — vanilla or chocolate?” and as different as “Press the ‘Wall’ tab to see what we talk about.”)

Your very basic page should:

Tell people what you want them to do — while making it feel that it’s all about their interests, dreams, needs or entertainment.

The bottom line, of course, is that anyone can create a page — simply by following the prompts.

So go do it. Get it up and running, and make sure all your links and badges point people to your Facebook Page.

Page Design

We will cover the four options of Page design in our upcoming webinar.  These options will upgrade the look of your basic Facebook Page to a more professional layout.

Have you created your Facebook Page yet?  Come back next week when we wrap up this series on Facebook for Business.  We will discuss the 6th and final step Tidying Up Loose Ends.

Next Webinar

We are preparing our second webinar, which will cover more in-depth the six (6) steps (key points to observe) when using Facebook for Business.  The webinar is scheduled for March 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm MST.  Plan on joining us.  If you register for the webinar and for some reason you can’t attend, we will send you a free recording.  See you there!





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