Step Two: Stepping Back for an Overview of Google+ for Business

Step Two: Stepping Back for an Overview of Google+ for Business

Last week we begin Lesson Three, Google+ for Business.  We learned that Google+ audience tends to be highly focused and thinks visually.  We also took a look at what many feel is Google+’ biggest advantage: Circles and how to use them.  Go here to review Step One of Lesson Three.

social media marketingNow that you are becoming familiar with Google+, we will continue with Lesson Three discussing Step Two, an Overview of Google+ for Business.  There are a few new facts we need to cover.

The Latest . . .

  1. You no longer need an “invite.” Google+ has opened its doors to all
  2. Google Plus now has Business Pages
  3. If you run or service a non-profit organization, you’ll love Google+ special options for non-profits!
  4. Google+ is set up to encourage focused networking for those who prefer social networks for business rather than pleasure

Google+ Features

Google+ has all the features Facebook users like, some say, done a little better. This social network allows you to:

  1. Sync Google+ with several email address books so that you can instantly add contacts
  2. Chat, real-time, to others in your Circles. You no longer have to know their email addresses and a list of those available for chat appears in a sidebar, just like in Facebook
  3. Import contacts from Gmail. (Facebook doesn’t).
  4. Chat “off the record.” (Select “Options”>“Off the Record”). Your discussion with that particular Circle contact will not be saved. (You can also disable the Chat option for an entire circle via the Privacy Settings.)

One word of warning: You cannot import your Facebook Group lists directly into Google+.

And remember that Google+ content is public.

Now that we have taken a step back with an overview of Google+ for Business, we will continue Lesson Three next week when we take a look at Step Three: Understanding and Using Google+ Tools.

Are you networking on both Google+ and Facebook?  If so, which is your favorite network? Feel free to comment below.  See you next week!





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