Support Your Internet Business With Add-On Services

Support Your Internet Business With Add-On Services

mobile marketingIf your business is a start-up or you’ve been in business for three or more years, but are not generating the kind of revenue you need right now to keep going, consider offering add-on services to help you break through to the next level. You cannot make your business a success if you have a cash flow shortage. Most Internet businesses fail due to lack of cash flow, not lack of great ideas. To make money on the net it will take time. If you stick to it, with a good idea, you will succeed.

What type of add-on services can you offer?

To avoid the pitfalls of low-cash flow, consider once you’re in the marketing stage of your business adding on services that you can offer to others. You can market services directly to your current website visitors or you can market services to other business owners with whom you network. The type of services you offer depend on your skills. Did you build your own website? Do you make your own graphics? How about content writing? Can you see yourself doing any of these tasks for others in the short term? Are you willing to do it in order to generate the cash your business needs so that you can continue pushing your actual business towards profitability?

Generating Revenue

Doing side projects can generate a substantial amount of cash faster than you can generate money through revenue. Certainly, the fact of revenue generation is the goal. You can generate income from work you do today and tomorrow. But, you need money today to support that goal. The danger in offering services is forgetting to continue to work on your business and focusing only on providing services.

Some services you might consider providing are:

  • Website or Blog Building or Customizing — If you know how to get around WordPress you can offer simple services to more advanced services.
  • Graphic Design — Offer your services to create eBook covers, banners, buttons and simple graphics.
  • Virtual Assistant Services — Offer administrative services to other online business owners. You can even offer VA services locally.
  • Content Writing — If you’re good at writing keyword rich content based on someone else’s idea, you can offer this as a service to others.
  • Social Media Marketing — If you like being on social media sites, you can offer social media marketing services to other business owners.
  • Content Formatting & Posting — Don’t want to think much, but want to offer a service. Offer to format and post content for others. Posting content on article marketing sites, blogs, and websites can give you just the right amount of work. Kindle formatting is a highly needed service today.
  • Niche Site Flipping — This is harder, but while you’re marketing your own site, why not use your creative juices to create other websites, get them to the marketing point, and sell them to someone else.
  • Coaching or Consulting — Your business is successful but not generating the amount of money you want, why not coach or consult others to get to where you are? Just because you’re not generating tons of money doesn’t mean you can’t do this. You still know how to get to where you got to. You can help others.

Are you providing add-on services in order to earn extra cash? Join the conversation by commenting below. Come back next week when we continue our discussion on supporting your main Internet business with add-on services. As always, thanks for reading!




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