Tackle Social Media Like a Boss!

Tackle Social Media Like a Boss!

Attention Coaches and Service Providers!

Is social media still a mystery to you? While it’s the easiest way to spread your message to the masses, cracking the social media code can be frustrating, especially when you’re also trying to take care of your coaching clients and trying to complete your signature program.

If you’re just posting at random times on random social media platforms, stop right now and invest in our Social Media Boot Camp! No more guessing what to post or where to post it. This boot camp is designed to answer your questions, allows you to dig deep into your motivations for using social media, and provides Action Plans to conquer social media once and for all.

Our Social Media Boot Camp is broken down into 4 modules:

Module 1: Find your Tribe

Who are you trying to reach? What are their goals and dreams? How can you help them?

Module 2: Build the Foundation

Learn the basics of the top social networks and determine which one(s) you should use consistently.

Module 3: Plan Your Content

No more sitting in front of a blank screen. Make content creation intuitive and easy for social networks.

Module 4: Engage Your Followers

Learn the natural way to build relationships and engagement with your followers.

Get a sneak peek here: http://bit.ly/rjstrailer

Grab your seat here: http://bit.ly/rjsboot_camp3

Invest in yourself. Don’t play “hope marketing” where you sit back passively waiting for people to discover you. Take action TODAY with our Social Media Boot Camp!

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