Temp vs. Virtual Assistant

Temp vs. Virtual Assistant

You have just found out that Sally Sue is going to need a six weeks maternity leave in the near future. Your administrative staff already has an overload of work and cannot take on Sally Sue’s tasks. You consider calling a temporary staffing agency. Since you are a small business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to save money. If you hire a temp, you will have to pay the agency a fee that is going to much more than you pay your own staff. What about the downtime? You will have to pay for that also.

Before you call a temp agency, consider retaining a Virtual Assistant (VA). If you outsource your administrative tasks to a VA, you will pay only for the actual time spent on your projects. A Virtual Assistant can help you not only on a temporary basis, but also help your staff with their overflow of various tasks.

When you partner with a VA, they become familiar with your process of doing business. They become accustomed to the type of documents, projects, and/or tasks your business generates. They team up with your staff, which makes the outsourcing procedure seamless.

Now Sally Sue has returned from her maternity leave, and you have just been informed that Billy Bob has to go out of town on a family emergency. Who is going to take care of your bookkeeping until he returns? No need to worry, your trusted Virtual Assistant also provides that service. Since you have an ongoing business relationship with your VA, no time will be wasted on hiring and training a temp, as well as the time it will take the temp to become comfortable and familiar with your processes.

Whether you have a staff or not, a Virtual Assistant can help you run your business more efficiently and smoothly, in addition to saving you money, time, and headaches.

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