The 9th Step in Starting a Start-Up

The 9th Step in Starting a Start-Up

Last week we took a break from discussing business ideas in order to focus on you. Go here to read The 8th Step in Starting a Start-Up. This week we’ll discuss converting a subscriber to a client, but first you have to attract the subscriber.

start-upProducts Funnel

By now you have launched your start-up and possibly have created digital products that will produce some passive income. These products also can be used to create your products funnel. A funnel has 4-6 levels, and at each level, there is a product offering. Each product builds on the previous one (level).

First Level

Keep in mind that the purpose of the products funnel is to attract subscribers, converting them to loyal clients; therefore, at the first level there is a free product offering. The free product is in exchange for subscribing to your list and, as a result, enters into your funnel.

Subsequent Levels

As previously mentioned, each level has a specific purpose and builds on the previous level. At each level, the cost of your products increase. For example, at the first level you can offer a free report, next level an e-book, at the next level teleclasses or webinars, and at the last level (the narrow point of the funnel) your core product/service.

At each level, the subscriber will receive more and more of you leading to a one-on-one relationship. By the time, the subscriber reaches the last level, they are ready to be converted from a subscriber to a loyal client.

Do you have a products funnel in place? Has it converted any subscribers to loyal clients? Join the conversation by commenting below.

Come back next week when we’ll continue discussing product funnels focusing on thinking ahead looking at the overall big picture when creating your product funnel(s). As always, thanks for reading!

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